ASEAN Perspectives

Food security in the ASEAN Community

Food security in this era of globalization, and the advent of the ASEAN Community, play a pivotal role because climate change significantly affects food production and distribution in various parts of the world. What are the issues concerning food security? Will the establishment of the ASEAN Community solve issues of food security in the ASEAN region? Dr. Carlos Tabunda Jr, ASEAN In Focus resident resource person, interviews former Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and […]

‘ASEAN for ASEAN’ campaign highlights 9 unique tourism themes

MANILA, Jan. 22 (PNA) — The new tourism campaign for ASEAN, ‘ASEAN for ASEAN’ was revealed Friday with the common goal to promote travel within the region but at the same time featuring nine different themes. Under the campaign, each ASEAN member national tourism organization (NTO) has taken on a specific theme to fan integral regional tourism through 2016 and generate awareness of the ASEAN tourism brand. Tourism in Brunei Darussalam will focus on ASEAN […]

ASEAN Integration and the PHL Council on foreign relations

With ASEAN Integration and the establishment of the ASEAN community, it is important for the Philippines to prepare its blueprint to be more competitive in this regional undertaking. Globalization has put the pressure on ASEAN and on each ASEAN member countries. In this episode of ASEAN In Focus, Dr. Caloy Tabunda, ASEAN In Focus resident resource person, interviews Ambassador Jose Romero Jr. Ambassador Romero is currently the president of the Philippine Council on Foreign Relations. […]

More discussions and awareness campaigns needed for LGUs regarding ASEAN Integration

In preparing for ASEAN Integration, one of the factors that governments of ASEAN member states need to consider is the preparation and level of awareness of local government units (LGUs) to the ASEAN Integration. In this episode, Dr. Caloy Tabunda of the Development Academy of the Philippines and ASEAN In Focus resident resource person interviews Angeles City Mayor Ed Pamintuan to get his insights on the level of awareness and how should LGUs prepare for […]

Myanmar’s Suu Kyi, ethnic armed groups gather for peace talks

Democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi said on Tuesday (January 12) her government is ready to build ‘forever peace’ within the country as she was attending a peace summit in the in the country’s administrative capital, Naypyitaw. Hundreds of representatives of ethnic armed groups, the military and lawmakers gathered for talks that are expected to last until the end of the week, over a ceasefire to end insurgencies that have plagued the country for decades. […]

Implications of United Nations tribunal ruling on the South China Sea dispute

Last October 29, the permanent court of arbitration under the United Nations unanimously issued its award on jurisdiction and admissibility in connection to the arbitration case between the Philippines and China. In a statement, the tribunal said that the award concerns only whether the tribunal has jurisdiction to consider the Philippines’ claims and whether such claims are admissible. The awards does not decide any aspect of the merits of the parties’ dispute.” The tribunal held […]

SEAMEO Innotech: Promoting regional cooperation in education, science and culture in the region

The Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization or SEAMEO is a regional intergovernmental organization established in 1965 among governments of Southeast Asian countries to promote regional cooperation in education, science and culture in the region. In this episode of ASEAN in Focus, guests from SEAMEO talked about the upcoming 14th SEAMEO Innotech International conference.  Mr. Bennet E. Benoza, manager of SEAMEO’s  knowledge management and networking office,  and  Ms. Mitch Sarabillo, Senior Associate, Staff Development program […]

Importance of the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard in the era of ASEAN Integration

In the era of ASEAN Integration, our companies and businesses need to keep up with the challenges of increasing global competition. One tool to help businesses and companies in the ASEAN region to achieve this is the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard. In 2009, the ASEAN finance ministers endorsed the ASEAN Capital Markets Forum (ACMF) implementation plan to promote the development of an integrated capital market. This initiative is undertaken in parallel with the efforts to […]

APEC leaders adopt Philippine-led initiative on micro, small, medium enterprises

  (MANILA) The leaders of the 21 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) member economies has adopted the Philippine-led initiative that aims to put micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) at the forefront of regional and global trade by 2020. In their 2015 APEC Leaders’ Declaration issued following their retreat, the APEC leaders ordered their respective Ministers to implement actions laid out in the Boracay Action Agenda and report their progress to them by 2020. “We live […]

Asia Pacific businessmen cite need for new growth drivers, address rising income inequality

(MANILA) Members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Advisory Council (ABAC) has finalized its recommendations for submission to the APEC Leaders to address challenges being faced by policymakers and businesses in APEC member-economies. ABAC 2015 Chair Doris Magsaysay-Ho, in a briefing Monday, said they expect their “two-fold” recommendations to generate new drivers of growth as well as address income inequality. She explained that the traditional growth drivers “are running out of steam.” “Export-led growth is […]

For the first time, APEC 2015 to focus on MSMEs

  By Caesar Vallejos Eagle News online correspondent (Eagle News) — For the first time, the Asia Pacific Economic Council (APEC) will focus on micro-, small-, and medium-sized sized enterprises (MSMEs) through the APEC SME Summit 2015 on November 17 that highlights innovation as the enabler in transforming entrepreneurs as competitive market players in the global marketplace.  It will be held at the Green Sun in Makati City. “Innovation is a change of mindset that […]