Beyond Mothers’ Day…

QUEZON City, Philippines (Eagle News Service – May 7) – Every second Sunday of May, people around the world celebrate Mothers’ Day – a special day to show your appreciation to the most important woman of your life.

But is one day enough?
Remember that this woman carried you inside her body for nine months. That she stopped doing what she may have wanted because it may put you in danger while you are inside her womb. She made this sacrifices knowing that she now lives for two individuals and she prioritized the needs of your existence over hers.

Then came the moment, described by scientific studies as the second most physically painful occurrence that a person may experience (second only to being burned). As she brings us forth to the world, her very own life hang in the balance. And yet she still manages to make that beautiful smile the first time she lays her eyes on you.
Without a doubt, nothing can compare to the love of a mother for her children. She is the one that took care of us, fed us , cleaned after us, helped us in our studies. She may scold us but we can be sure that she does it out of love and concern for our well-being.

Our moms are also the first to be proud of us, of our every achievements – from your very first steps, when you aced an exam or got your first job, she is your number one fan. And as your number one fan, she also never stops believing in you and what you can do even if others don’t.
She is also the first to console you and support you when you suffer setbacks in life. And the list goes on and on.

We may have a special day to celebrate our moms, but why not make everyday a Mothers’ Day?

(ENS, written by Jay Paul Carlos, additional research by Aimee Mendoza)