Endemic in any entrenched bureaucracy, maze-like processes grow and develop at a fast pace and everyone needs to go thru them before we get that final “Aprub”, which is a colloquial term, indicating a stamp of approval.
Wouldn’t it be a great help if we have a guide thru the different processes of the various government agencies that makes up our bureaucracy?

Addressing the need, Net 25 News and Current Affairs decided that the time is right for a program that will help us get that much-coveted “aprub”

APRUB is a program that aims to educate the ordinary Filipino citizen, by highlighting the processes that each and every one of us goes thru when we deal with the various government agencies.

The show will also aid us in understanding the programs and policies of the different government agencies by simplifying the said processes.

APRUB will serve as your connection, a pipeline to the different agencies of our government.

It takes on the challenge of sorting out the intricacies of our bureaucracy.

More importantly, APRUB aims to cut the legendary bureaucratic red tape that is oftentimes attached to government agencies.

“Gawin  Natin ‘to”, is the program’s tag line, indicating a call to action, that we shouldn’t be afraid to do the right thing in the right way.

Net 25 is the channel that provides the way.  Net 25 is the channel that enlightens and APRUB is just one of the program that ensures that we continue to serve our community.

With APRUB, dealing with the government is simple, easy and direct to the point.

One of Net 25’s trusted and seasoned broadcast journalist Ellaine Fuentes hosts the program APRUB.

Catch it every Tuesday at 8 – 9 in the evening.

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