Advisory for Filipinos looking for jobs related to household work in Mainland China

MANILA, PIA – The Philippine Embassy in Beijing reminds our kababayans that it is illegal for Filipinos to work in mainland China as nannies, household workers or as private tutors.  Foreigners cannot be employed as household workers in mainland China as it is against Chinese laws.

Extreme caution must be exercised when dealing with agents in the Philippines who offer employment in mainland China as a nanny, household worker or private tutor. It is advisable not to accept their offers.

Furthermore, the Embassy cautions our kababayans NOT TO DEAL WITH AGENTS OR INDIVIDUALS in mainland China who offer help in extending tourist visas in exchange for a fee. These agents or individuals are involved in illegal recruitment, break Chinese laws and often resort to unscrupulous actions. Our kababayans who work illegally are vulnerable to abuse by these individuals.

The Philippine Embassy in Beijing calls on all Filipinos to observe Chinese laws and respect the conditions stated in their visa. (DFA)