South Australia bushfire threat eases after at least 87 properties damaged

(Reuters) — South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill confirmed on Friday (November 27) that at least 87 properties have been damaged or destroyed in South Australia’s Mid North as the fire threat eased.

Roads were reopened by South Australian Police on Thursday (November 26), allowing residents to return to their homes and assess damage.

“She was flying, absolutely flying, we had five minutes from when we got back here to get what we could get out and get out ourselves, without burning. There’s a lot of personal stuff here, that I’ve been collecting, we’ve been collecting for 40 years,” said one unidentified resident.

At least 166 sheds have also been lost in the fires, local media reported, with hay stacks and bales continuing to burn, producing embers and large amounts of smoke.

Weatherill also confirmed that there were extraordinary losses of livestock and wildlife, with estimates in the thousands.

Two people were confirmed dead on Thursday (November 26) while others remain in hospital.

The collective fires, known as the “Pinery Fire”, have now been contained according to the Country Fire Service.