Strong winds slow down motorists leaving Las Vegas

By Lanie Valdecantos
EBC Las Vegas Bureau


LAS VEGAS, USA (Eagle News Service) — Wild winds continued to whip through the Nevada desert, approximately 20 miles south of Las Vegas, as the county-wide warning remained in effect on Sunday, March 5.  

Motorists traveling back to California, from Las Vegas, experienced 25 to 40 mph winds with gusts up to 60 mph.  Visibility was reduced in some areas due to the blowing sand and dust, creating larger sand clouds in the distance.  

The strong winds made for dangerous driving conditions along Interstate 15, the main highway that connects California to Nevada.

In nearby Las Vegas, strong winds took down multiple power poles leaving approximately 13,000 people without power.    

Authorities advised the public to take extra precaution when driving in such extreme driving conditions.

They said it was best to slow down, to keep a firm grip on the steering wheel to avoid unexpected loss of control, and to keep alert for flying objects or debris.