Peck tacatular action from the annual World Hen Racing Championships

ENGLAND, United Kingdom (Reuters) — It brings an entirely new meaning to the words ‘Chicken Run,’ but the annual World Hen Racing Championships brought some extra excitement to England’s Peak District on Saturday (August 5). Hens have been in strict training for the past couple of months preparing for their annual World Championships. The venue for this event is a rural pub called the Barley Mow Pub in small village called Bonsall. Every year about […]

Frenchman completes electric tour of France on skateboard

PARIS, France (Reuters) — Frenchman Fabrice Gropaiz completed his tour of France on an electric skate on Saturday (July 29), ending his challenge on the streets of Paris. Roughly 20 years after setting a record for the first world tour on roller skates, Gropaiz challenged himself to tour Fance on an electric skateboard, in preparation for his next around-the-world journey. Public-relations specialist Gropaiz became the first person to successfully rollerblade around the world when he […]

Pet cafe trend cat-ching on in Yangon

YANGON, Myanmar (AFP) — It may be raining cats and dogs in Myanmar, but in Yangon two coffee shops are offering animal-lovers a chance to escape the monsoon as the global pet-cafe craze sweeps into the rapidly changing city. Inside Yangon’s ‘Catpuchino Cafe’ dozens of felines lounge around the room, some peeking out of baskets while others sit perched on fluffy stools or lie purring in the arms of adoring visitors. On one cushion, a […]

“God spared my life,” says Filipina airline passenger in what could have been “worst aviation disaster” in history

    (Eagle News) — A Filipina, Pamela Aguilar, from Fremont, California was one of the 135 passengers who were on board Air Canada flight 759 on July 7, 2017, that fateful Friday night  when their plane almost collided with four other large planes on a taxiway at the San Francisco International airport. It was a long day, she recalled. She came from a vacation in Rome, Italy, and her flight out of Rome was […]

World snail racing championship takes place in UK

ENGLAND, United Kingdom (Reuters) — Snails returned to Congham in Norfolk, eastern England, for the annual celebration of the gastropod games, otherwise known as the World Snail-Racing Championships on Saturday (July 15). This year’s festivities involved the participation of over 150 snails. The championships have been running since the 1960s and have become ingrained within the culture of this secluded corner of England. The event takes place at Congham’s cricket ground, which is temporarily converted […]

Piano displays Canada’s pride at 150th year

  BRITISH COLUMBIA, Canada (Eagle News) — In commemoration of the 150th anniversary of Canada, Canadians are showing creativity to showcase and express pride: the colors white and red on cookie tins, chocolate bar wrappers, Tim Horton’s coffee cups to displays of the flag in personal residences, in shopping malls and different private and public establishments. The most creative so far is this piano by Cattle Point, a part of a recreation park in the […]

On your marks, get set… who goes? The NY baby race

by Catherine TRIOMPHE Agence France Presse NEW YORK, United States (AFP) — It’s a race of laughter, false starts and wild bottle waving: New York’s Diaper Derby sees 30 infants battle it out for glory in a three-meter crawling contest. There is only one real rule: trying to stumble to your feet is not allowed. From the sidelines parents will on their progeny with bottles of milk, television remote controls or key jangling. There is […]

Mastering manners at Switzerland’s last finishing school

by Nina Larson Agence France Presse GLION, Switzerland (AFP) — Eight women sit primly around an elaborately set table making pleasant small-talk about the weather, as immaculately starched waiting staff stand at the ready. But as one of the servers steps forward holding a silver soup tureen with white-gloved hands, an instructor helps her adjust the angle of the bowl to make sure the ladle is facing the diner. And a second tutor whispers in […]

American Airlines ends codeshare deals with Qatar, Etihad

  NEW YORK, United States (AFP) – American Airlines said Wednesday it is ending its codeshare relationships with Qatar Airways and Etihad Airways as part of its push against government subsidies of Middle Eastern carriers. American notified Doha-based Qatar Airways and Abu Dhabi-based Etihad of its decision on June 29 to end the “codeshare” partnership — the sharing of a flight by two carriers. Maintaining the program “no longer (makes) sense for us,” an American […]

Magnificent lantern show brightens up the night sky of Hamburg park

(CCTV) — A traditional Chinese lantern show has been gloriously brightening up the night sky at a park in the German city of Hamburg. The show, which is running from July 6 to 16, is co-hosted by China’s State Council Information Office, the government of southwest China’s Sichuan Province, the Chinese Embassy in Germany and the government of Hamburg City. Showcasing distinctive elements of traditional Chinese culture, the show features 23 sets of colored lanterns shaped […]

US lifts laptop ban on flights from Istanbul: airline

Ankara, Turkey (AFP) — The United States lifted Wednesday a ban on carrying large electronic devices such as laptops in the cabin of US-bound flights from Turkey’s main international airport, Turkish Airlines and local media reported. “Dear Passengers, #WelcomeOnBoard to our US-bound flight. Please fasten your seatbelts and enjoy your own electronic devices,” Turkish Airlines, the country’s flag carrier, said on Twitter late Tuesday. The ban’s lifting comes after Turkey began using sophisticated tomography imaging devices for X-ray […]

Don’t look down: glass bottom skywalk thrills in China

CHONGQING, China (AFP) — Suspended more than 120 meters (400 feet) above a gaping chasm, the world’s longest cantilevered glass skywalk is delighting and terrifying visitors in China. The v-shaped walkway stretches almost 70 meters from a sheer cliff face in southwest Chongqing, offering intrepid tourists a vertigo-inducing view of the ground some 123 meters below. No more than 30 people are allowed on the skywalk at any one time. While some pause to pose […]