Global warming damages corals vital to small islands: UN

(Reuters) – Global warming is causing trillions of dollars of damage to coral reefs, aggravating risks to tropical small island states threatened by rising sea levels, a U.N. report said on Thursday. The rise in sea levels off some islands in the Western Pacific was four times the global average, with gains of 1.2 cms (0.5 inch) a year from 1993 to 2012, due to shifts in winds and currents, said the United Nations’ Environment […]

Astronomers discover type of rocky planet much bigger than Earth

(Reuters) – Astronomers have discovered a new type of rocky planet beyond the solar system that weighs more than 17 times as much as Earth while being just over twice the size, scientists said on Monday. The so-called “mega-Earth” circles a very old star called Kepler-10, which is located about 560 light-years away from Earth in the constellation Draco. The discovery, announced at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Boston, was a surprise since planets […]


Infographic: Happy Father’s Day!

What is a dad? He is the one who picks you up after you fall and pushes you to try again… He is the one that walks you down the aisle and tells you that everything’s going to be ok… He may scold you when you break the rules, but he is also the first to shine with pride when you succeed… We love you, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

Scientists grow human cartilage using stem cells

(Reuters) — For the first time, fully functional human cartilage has been grown using stem cells derived from human bone marrow in a laboratory. According to the research team at Columbia University in New York who developed the new method, cartilage is a simple but important tissue. It is the only tissue in the body that does not have blood vessels or nerves. It is also a load-bearing tissue that protects the bone ends in the joints. Cartilage […]