Tick tock: Study links body clock to mood disorders

by Marlowe HOOD Agence France-Presse Messing with the natural rhythm of one’s internal clock may boost the risk of developing mood problems ranging from garden-variety loneliness to severe depression and bipolar disorder, researchers said Wednesday. The largest study of its kind, involving more than 91,000 people, also linked interference with the body’s “circadian rhythm” to a decline in cognitive functions such as memory and attention span. The brain’s hard-wired circadian timekeeper governs day-night cycles, influencing […]

Cyclists bike through New York City’s five boroughs

By Patrick Palugod EBC New York Bureau NEW YORK (Eagle News) – One of the worst days of traffic in New York City was the absolute best day of the year for cyclists – the TD Five Boro Bike Tour. Approximately 32,000 participants at North America’s largest cycling event got to pedal their way through all five boroughs of NYC on a 40-mile route, completely free of traffic. The usual scene of cars, buses, and […]

WHO reports new Ebola case in DR Congo, vaccine this week

  KINSHASA, DR Congo (AFP) — The head of the World Health Organization said Sunday there has been another reported case of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo and that an experimental vaccine to fight the disease is expected to become available in the country this week. Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, on a two-visit to DR Congo, said the suspected new case was in Bikoro, at the centre of the latest Ebola outbreak in the […]

Olympic hockey champ warns of mental pressures for elite athletes

by Pirate Irwin © Agence France-Presse LONDON, United Kingdom (AFP) — British hockey star Helen Richardson-Walsh — who battled back from depression to win an Olympic gold medal in Rio — says young athletes need help to manage the pressures that come with top-level sport. Richardson-Walsh, 36, said young, ambitious elite sportsmen and women may be unaware of the incessant and challenging demands they will face. “Transition into sport is equally if not more important than […]

PHL Red Cross salutes volunteers for bringing smiles to humanity on World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day

  With a network of two million volunteers, the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) reaffirmed its commitment to bring smiles to the humanity by helping save lives, in celebration of the World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day 2018 on May 8. The Philippine Red Cross, under the leadership of chairman and senator Richard Gordon, joined the global celebration of the courage of volunteers and its diverse humanitarian services. Ensuring the adequacy of blood supply, providing […]

Nine out of 10 people breathing polluted air: WHO

by Nina LARSON Agence France Presse GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP) — More than 90 percent of the global population is breathing in high levels of pollutants, the World Health Organization said Wednesday, blaming poor air quality for some seven million deaths annually. Fresh data from the UN health body showed that every corner of the globe is dealing with air pollution, although the problem is far worse in poorer countries. “Air pollution threatens us all, but […]

Know more about heat stroke and how to avoid this

With temperatures continuing to rise this summer season, it is best to know what you should do so you can avoid heat stroke. One of the best ways to avoid heat stroke is to drink plenty of water often and to stay indoors if possible during very hot weather. Heat stroke is the most severe form of heat illness when the body overheats and cannot cool down, according to an advisory from the Department of […]

Some antidepressants may be linked to dementia: study

PARIS, France (AFP) — Long-term use of certain anti-depressants have been linked to dementia in a large British study, researchers said Thursday, though they could not definitively conclude that the drugs were the cause. The study in more than 300,000 people in Britain found that those diagnosed with dementia were almost a third more likely to have been prescribed so-called anticholinergic medicines to treat depression and certain bladder conditions between four and 20 years earlier. […]

Simpleng tips upang maibsan ang hapdi at kirot na dulot ng sunburn

(Eagle News) — Summer season na! Kaya naman pag ganitong panahon, marami sa ating mga kababayan ang nag-a-outing sa beach man o sa swimming pool. Dahil dito, marami din ang nakakaranas ng sunburn. Ayon sa mga eksperto, ang sunburn ay mapula, mahapdi, mainit at makati na pakiramdam sa balat– makaraan na magbabad ng ilang oras sa sikat ng araw. Ayon sa mga eksperto, hindi dapat binabalewala kung nakaranas ng sunburn, kaya narito ang ilang simpleng […]

Japan to trial ‘world’s first urine test’ to spot cancer

TOKYO, Japan (AFP) — A Japanese firm is poised to carry out what it hailed as the world’s first experiment to test for cancer using urine samples, which would greatly facilitate screening for the deadly disease. Engineering and IT conglomerate Hitachi developed the basic technology to detect breast or colon cancer from urine samples two years ago. It will now begin testing the method using some 250 urine samples, to see if samples at room […]

Fish oil supplements don’t help dry eye disease: study

TAMPA, United States (AFP) — Fish oil supplements have long been recommended to people suffering from dry eye disease, a common ailment that affects millions worldwide — but a study out Friday says they don’t work. “Omega-3 supplements are no more effective than placebo at alleviating dry eye symptoms,” read the findings from a randomized clinical trial involving 535 people and published in the New England Journal of Medicine. Dry eye disease affects more than […]

Night owls risk dying younger, should sleep in: study

PARIS, France (AFP) — People who stay up late and have to drag themselves out of bed are likelier to die younger than those who rise and set with the Sun, researchers said Thursday. A survey of more than 430,000 people in Britain found that the night owl had a 10-percent higher risk of dying in the 6.5-year study period than “larks.” “This is a public health issue that can no longer be ignored,” said […]