Deadly trend: Fatal vehicle-ramming attacks in Europe that shocked the world

  (Eagle News) — Since July 2016, Europe has seen a deadly trend of attacks where “terrorists” used vehicles to kill and harm innocent people – bystanders, tourists, pedestrians,  including teenagers and children. The places they targeted were busy and popular streets, tourist spots, markets or just about any place where there were many pedestrians. The deadly vehicle-ramming attacks hit popular and highly developed European cities which people would normally think were safe and well-secured. […]

What to do in case of a nuclear attack?

  QUEZON City, Philippines – The North Korean government announced on August 10 its plan to fire four  Hwasong-12 missiles at  Guam, a major United States military hub. The Hwasong-12 is an intermediate-range ballistic missile with a radius of 3,700 kilometers. It can be fired from mobile launchers at a very high angle. North Korea’s threat also scared many neighboring countries, including those in Asia. If that happens, are we prepared? What are the steps we […]

Bird Flu – What you need to know

QUEZON City, Philippines – The Province of San Luis, Pampanga was placed under a state of calamity last Friday, August 11, due to a confirmed outbreak of avian influenza virus (bird flu) that has killed almost 40,000 poultry animals. Last Monday,  August 14, the Department of Agriculture or DA  targeted for slaughter more than 200,000 poultry heads such as chicken, ducks, quails, pigeons and fighting cocks as part of the government’s precautionary measure to cut the […]

Infographics: The THAAD missile defense system

Washington has already deployed a powerful anti-missile system, THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense), in the Asia-Pacific region, including South Korea, Japan and Guam itself. The system uses “hit-to-kill” technology, and it was successfully tested against an IRBM for the first time last month in Alaska. But it is designed to intercept a missile at the final “terminal” stage of its flight, so the South Korean- and Japanese-based batteries are unlikely to be effective. And […]

World Breastfeeding Month

QUEZON City, Philippines – The World Breastfeeding Week is an annual celebration held every year from August 1 to 7 in more than 120 countries.   Breastfeeding for the first six months of life delivers a great health benefits not only for the baby but for the mother as well. Such benefits include providing critical nutrients, protection from deadly diseases such as pneumonia and fostering growth and development for the infants.   Breastfeeding, also known as […]

National Indigenous Peoples Day

QUEZON City, Philippines (August 10) – Former President Benigno Aquino III signed Republic Act No. 10689 on October 23, 2015, declaring August 9 every year as the National Indigenous People’s Day to promote the rights of indigenous people groups in the country. (Official Gazette) August 9 is also the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Indigenous people are inheritors and practitioners of unique cultures and ways of relating to people and the environment. They have […]

Ang buwan ng Agosto ay Buwan ng Wika

QUEZON City, Philippines (Agosto 9) – Ang ‘Buwan ng Wika’ ay isang taunang selebrasyon na ipinagdiriwang tuwing buwan ng Agosto, alinsunod sa Proclamation 1041 na nilagdaan ni dating Pangulong Fidel V. Ramos. Bukod pa rito, ang buwan ng Agosto ay siya ring kapanganakan ng Ama ng Wikang Pambansa na si dating Pangulong Manuel L. Quezon na isinilang noong Agosto 19, 1878.   Ayon sa Komisyon sa Wikang Filipino (KWF), ang tema ng pagdiriwang sa taon na […]

Know more about the ASEAN

AS ASEAN celebrates its 50th anniversary, let’s look back a history to know more about the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). ASEAN was created on 8 August 1967 when five leaders – the Foreign Ministers of Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand – sat down together in the main hall of the Department of Foreign Affairs building in Bangkok, Thailand and signed a document. “By virtue of that document, the Association of Southeast […]

August is National Lung Month!

QUEZON City, Philippines (August 2) – The month of August was declared as National Lung Month in the Philippines through the Presidential Proclamation No. 1761 signed by former President Ferdinand Marcos on July 24, 1978. Our lungs are indeed very important and it is susceptible to many diseases. Luckily for us, these illnesses and ailments are quite easy to avoid! We just need to adopt a healthy lifestyle! In celebration of National Lung Month, here’s a […]

July 28 is World Hepatitis Day!

QUEZON City, Philippines (July 28) – World Hepatitis Day is celebrated every 28th of July to raise people’s awareness about the risk of hepatitis, which is one of the leading causes of death globally. Hepatitis alone is responsible for 1.34 million deaths per year. Eighty percent of liver cancer cases in the world are also caused by the hepatitis B virus and hepatitis C. With “Eliminate Hepatitis” as this year’s theme, the World Health Organization (WHO), […]

Iglesia Ni Cristo: 103 years of victory – Foreign dignitaries’ courtesy call to INC Central Office

(Eagle News) — Even dignitaries – ambassadors representing their countries — are taking interest in the Church of Christ. Envoys from different countries visited Iglesia Ni Cristo Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo at the INC Central Office to show their respect and appreciation for the positive impact of the Church Of Christ on people’s lives. “For the members of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, we recognize this as blessings that come from heaven. Activities like […]

Historic and Award-Winning Films part of Iglesia Ni Cristo’s 103 years of Victory

QUEZON City, Philippines  – For the past 103 years, the Iglesia Ni Cristo has continuously proven that it is truly the Church that belongs to God. From one man, Brother Felix Y. Manalo, the INC’s first executive minister whom INC members believe was God’s Messenger in these last days, to a truly global church with an international membership, the Iglesia Ni Cristo garnered victories which in turn shows that God is always with His chosen […]