Windstorm causes severe damage in Vancouver, Canada

A fallen tree caused by a windstorm that blew through Vancouver, Canada damages a car. Photo by Benedict Aquino, EBC Canada Bureau.
Photo by Benedict Aquino, EBC Canada Bureau.

VANCOUVER, Canada (Eagle News) — After being hit by torrential rain, the greater Vancouver area is now facing problems caused by a severe windstorm that left more than 300,000 homes without power. According to BCHydro, 132,000 homes lost power in the Lower Mainland, and 110,000 homes on Vancouver Island.

According to Environment Canada, the area was hit with gusts of wind of more than 100km/h.

Because of this, many traffic lights have stopped working, causing major delays for commuters.

The windstorm also damaged property of residents with trees falling on top of cars in residential areas as well as on highways.

(With reports for Arnie Aquino, EBC Canada Bureau, Eagle News Service)