WATCH: Spectacular thunderstorm wows locals in east China

LIANCHENG COUNTY, China (CCTV) –A spectacular thunderstorm has wowed Chinese netizens and smart phone users with its vertical column of downpours in east China’s Fujian Province.

The thunderstorm occurred Friday last week.

Even amateur footage cannot hide the awesomeness of this half-hour awe-struck celestial phenomenon. Most viewers of the footage aspired for an explanation.

“This spectacle occurred due to localized strong convection, judging by our radar returns. The wet microburst against sunshine made it all the more spectacular,” said Wang Fajian, deputy director of the Liancheng County Meteorological Bureau.

Four kilometers in diameter usually separate microbursts from macrobursts of very strong downward wind drafts.

They can be wet with rainfall or dry without.

Strong convection tends to occur in the latter half of summer days when scorching suns have heated ground temperatures to hot, enough to cause localized super up-down air flows.