WATCH: President Rodrigo Duterte’s Talk to the People – Sept. 8, 2021


President Rodrigo Duterte, in his regular “Talk to the People” recorded on Sept. 7, and aired on Sept. 8, assures the public that there is no corruption in the government’s procurement of the PPEs, medicines and other needs for the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also hit the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee for the way it conducted hearings on the Department of Health’s utilization of budget regarding the needs to address the COVID-19.

President Duterte also accused the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee of “politicking” as he points out what he has observed regarding the Senate hearing on the DOH procurement of PPEs.

He also pressed an audit of the Philippine Red Cross (PRC) which is chaired by Senator Richard Gordon, since the Red Cross, he said, is receiving government funds.   Duterte said the Red Cross is required to make an annual report for the government on how how it utilized government subsidies to the organization.  Duterte also criticized Gordon who chairs the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee for the way he conducted his hearings.

Duterte said the Commission on Audit (COA) should conduct an audit on how the Red Cross utilized government funds.

He also asked several Cabinet members to discuss various issues of national interest, including the latest updates on the government’s response against COVID-19.

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(Eagle News Service)