WATCH: Interview with Israel’s ambassador to the PHL H.E. Rafael Harpaz – ASEAN in Focus


(Eagle News) — NET25’s “ASEAN in Focus” interviews Israel Ambassador to the Philippines H.E. Rafael Harpaz who shares how the situation is “back to normal” in Israel as majority of the people are already fully vaccinated.

“There is really normal life in Israel, completely normal life in Israel, and the economy is starting to move fast, we have a fast recovery of the economy unemployment is going down,” he said on Wednesday, June 16.

“We beat COVID and we are back, totally, back, back in track and we are very proud,” he said in the exclusive interview.

Ambassador Harpaz also expresses his gratitude to Filipinos working in Israel, saying that these OFWs cared for the elderly in Israel during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We appreciate the Filipino OFWs because they are caregivers and they take care of our most loved people — our parents, our grandparents, our elderly — and they did an amazing work doing these really tough months of COVID and lock downs that we had in Israel the last three months,” he said.

(Watch the full interview in the link above, or click this link:  Interview with Israel’s Ambassador H.E. Rafael Harpaz by ASEAN in Focus ) 

(Eagle News Service)