Watch: “Batman” cheers up volunteers in Mexico City aid center after quake


Superhero “Batman” tried to cheer up volunteers in a makeshift aid center in the Mexican capital, bringing much needed joy to a country still reeling from a destructive earthquake that claimed more than 300 lives a week ago.

And this local “Batman” in Mexico City brought with him his very own “Bat Mobile” which also attracted the attention of the volunteers and residents.

“Because they are working hand in hand, day after day, night and day they are working and haven’t let down their guard and the Mexicans are very proud to have them as fellow citizens, as brothers, they are our brothers and we must give them thanks. They are the real superheroes, this is a costume, they are the superheroes,” said Bruno Diaz, a Batman impersonator.

[SPANISH: “Porque ellos están trabajando hombro con hombro, día a día, noche y día están trabajando y no han bajado la guardia, y es un orgullo para los Mexicanos tenerlos a ellos como compatriotas, como hermanos, son nuestros hermanos que les debemos de dar las gracias a ellos. Ellos son los superhéroes, este es un disfraz, pero ellos son los superhéroes.”]

A week after an earthquake that killed more than 300 people, thousands of Mexicans were still unable to return Tuesday to their badly damaged homes, much less their normal lives.

(Video courtesy Agence France Presse TV)