Video: Guam residents express confidence US military can intercept any missile near island


Residents of Guam interviewed by Agence France Presse TV expressed confidence that the US military will be able to protect the island, and intercept any missile that would be launched by North Korea.

Francis Abino, Guam resident, said “North Korea does not have a chance to penetrate any missiles into the Mariana Islands, to the Territory of the United States. Due to the fact that the military has major capabilities to intercept anything that’s going to come into the United States boundaries. So good luck North Korea.”

Jenica, another Guam resident, said it was “kind of scary” but that she still trusts US President Donald Trump and the US military.

“It’s kind of scary but then again you know we got to trust in our president, trust in our military and stuff like that. We’re a really small island so hopefully it is like a one in ten chance we’re going to get hit because we are really small. All we can do is look out for each other, pray of course and just be on the lookout and be as safe as possible,” she said.

Richard, another Guam resident, said he is not really worried, as the US military “can intercept any missile.”

“I feel protected,” he added.

(video courtesy AFPTV)