Vico Sotto is new mayor of Pasig

Vico Sotto is the new mayor of Pasig. Sotto arrived at the Pasig Board of Canvassers accompanied by his parents, TV host Vic Sotto and Connie Reyes, for the proclamation early Tuesday, May 14./Gerald Rañez/Eagle News/

(Eagle News)—- Vico Sotto is the new mayor of Pasig.

The former councilor and son of actor Vic Sotto ended the decades-long rule of the Eusebio family in Pasig politics after beating his closest rival to the post, reelectionist Mayor Bobby Eusebio.

Sotto had 188321 votes, vis à vis Eusebio’s 109245, with a 90 percent transmittal from the vote-counting  machines.

The remaining 10 percent translates to only 45 precincts.

Bobby  is the son of Vicente Eusebio, the first from the clan to be installed as mayor of the city in 1992.

After Vicente’s three terms of office as mayor, his wife Soledad took his place as chief executive in 2001.

Vicente  won a term as mayor again in 2004.

He was succeeded in 2007 by Bobby, who went on to serve for two terms.

Bobby’s wife Maribel assumed the post in  2013 only to be replaced again by her husband in 2016.

Sotto, who first entered politics as city councilor in 2016, had promised transparency in governance if elected.

“Bigyan natin ng pagkakataong makilahok ang tao sa governance. Para maramdaman naman ng pinakamahihirap ang pag-asenso ng city,” Sotto had said.

In the congressional race, Roman Romulo  beat reelectionist Ricky Eusebio.