Various nationalities join INC Worldwide Walk in Thailand, say they’re “proud to be part” of event






(Eagle News) — Citizens of various countries participated in the Bangkok, Thailand venue of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty on Sunday, May 6.

Even guests from African countries joined the walk and expressed appreciation that the Church is doing this for their continent.

“Being an African, and the walk is all about (helping to) eliminate poverty in Africa, it’s going to be amazing and helpful to African countries,” said one of the African guests who joined the walk.

“I think the walk is so exciting. We feel happy about it, so we can continue to help our brothers.”

“I am so grateful with the cooperation and unity of the Church Of Christ members,” said another African guest in the Bangkok, Thailand venue of the walk.

The African guests said that they admired the passion, the love and care that the participants who walked as one had showed.

“Seeing the other walks of charity, but the difference with this one is that we are seeing a different continent, struggling to help other brothers in a different continent,” said another African guest who took part in the walk.

“They (the participants) are going to share the small that they have with others. So that’s very good and we are grateful for that. Thank you very much,” he said.

Maxime Taveau, a French visitor in Thailand, said he was amazed with the INC Worldwide Walk.

“I’m really proud to be part of this. It might be one of the biggest walk in the world to fight poverty,” he said.

He said that he had learned of how the Church Of Christ has been helping poor communities in other countries.

“This is very good. I know that poverty is a big issue, in many parts of the world, especially in Africa, which is a developing continent,” he said.

“I’m not part of the Church of Christ because I’m a Catholic. But I think it’s always important to join together. And I see all this love together that all over the country, and elsewhere in the world, they all joined together for one cause,” Taveau said.

“I’ve never seen other projects organized by Church, in such a big proportion, so this is the first time for me, especially in a foreign country,” he added.

Thai nationals also joined the event, and expressed admiration that the Church had organized such a worldwide walk.

Dr. Rikithan, a Thai doctor who was invited to be an independent witness of the event, said she could not even sleep the previous night because of so much excitement.

“They invited me to witness. Wow! I was so excited, I cannot sleep. (I was) excited for the walk,” she said.

“I’m so happy. I’d like to do this all again,” she added.

Bangkok, Thailand was just one the more than 300 sites across 18 time zones of the INC Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty that is meant to help poor communities in Africa.

The INC last year had already established its first eco-farming project in Ladybrand, South Africa that is now helping provide livelihood opportunities to more than 200 South African nationals in the area.

(with interviews from Christel Mapa, EBC correspondent in Thailand, Eagle News Service)