US has to keep up with Russia in terms of developing hypersonic weapons – Pentagon Chief

(File photo) US Secretary of Defense Secretary Mark Esper addresses a meeting at the Defense Ministry in Hanoi on November 20, 2019. (Photo by Nhac NGUYEN / AFP)


The US Department of Defense is investing in the development of hypersonic weapons to keep up with Russia, which is leading in this sphere, according to a Sputnik report quoting US Defense Secretary Mark Esper.

“We took a pause on this technology some years ago, when we had a clear lead, and what we’re doing now is playing catch-up. So the [Defense] Department is investing every dollar we can, every dollar that we can, you know, physically use to ensure that we gain an advantage on hypersonics,” Esper was quoted as saying on Saturday at the Reagan National Defense Forum.

Esper also expressed concerned over the fact that Russia was developing modern types of strategic weapons, said Sputnik, a news agency based in Russia.