Tokyo diners are treated to a digital art full course feast

Photo grabbed from Reuters video
Photo grabbed from Reuters video

TOKYO, Japan (Reuters) — One restaurant in Tokyo’s shopping district of Ginza has teamed up with art collective company to provide diners with an interactive virtual art and food full course feast.

Called “Worlds Unleashed and then Connecting,” it uses the latest technology in sensors, projection mapping and sound, to give a maximum of eight diners per day experience a multi-sensory digital art space paired with their 12 course fusion meal.

It is a feast for the eyes and the mouth as guests revel in watching butterflies flutter about their meals, and virtual carps swim by their wine glasses. Some diners says it feels like trip to another dimension, as the scenes unfold and change as each Japanese course is brought to the table.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, no two dining experiences are the same. Depending on the movement, number of plates and customers, the projected surroundings react in many different ways.

The restaurant, Sagaya, hosting this installation plans to change the menu and projection mapping scenery every month, according to the seasons.

The final bill inclusive of drinks sets you back 30,000 yen (300 USD) per person.