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Driving Tips

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With the long weekend just around the corner, many of us are dreaming of going on a road trip – whether to reunite with beloved relatives or to explore new locations.

Of course one of the sure-fire ways to ruin our holiday break is to be involved in a road mishap, so we must be extra careful in our driving, especially when we have our friends and family together with us in the vehicle.

According to the Philippine National Police, just in January and February, there are already more than 3,000 road accidents recorded for 2014. The statistic is higher compared to the same period last year.

We hope that this safety tips will help us have an enjoyable driving experience during the holidays:

1. Don’t drive when you’re drunk. Even a small amount of alcohol reduces reaction time and coordination as well as lowers inhibition, resulting in drivers making foolish choices.
2. Slow down. According to numerous studies, every mile per hour that we drive increases our probability of being in an accident by 4-5%. That probability increases as we go faster.
3. Avoid distractions! That includes eating, talking with your passenger, fiddling with electronic devices and the most common distraction —  texting while driving.
4. Don’t drive when you’re drowsy! People can move from just being drowsy while driving to actually dozing off while driving with disastrous consequences. If you’re feeling drowsy, stop first and take a break. Continue your drive once you are well-rested.
5. This could sound corny, but always wear your seatbelt. Wearing your seatbelt saves lives. Worn properly, it will prevent you from being thrown around, when the worse happens.
6. Although this has a low probability during the summer vacation, we should watch out for extreme weather. When there are heavy rains or a storm, we have to be extra careful. If possible, avoid driving out during bad weather.
7. Keep a safe distance between yourself and the car ahead. Don’t follow too closely. This will give you enough time to react if the car in front of you suddenly stops or makes a turn.
8. Sometimes it does not matter how careful you drive. You can be driving within the speed limit and following all the traffic rules when somebody else crashes into you. So always watch out for the other guy. Make sure to check your side mirrors.
9. Practice defensive driving.
10. Keep your vehicle safe. Proper vehicle maintenance is not just a way to extend your car’s life – it is also a major plus for safety.
We hope that with these simple tips, you can have a happy driving experience and reach your destination safely. Of course, these tips are not just for the holidays, we can use them in our everyday driving as well.