The “pabebe” phenomenon

Pabebe 2QUEZON City, Philippines (September 9) – Nowadays, it’s so easy to influence people! Any video uploaded in the social media has the potential of becoming the next viral phenomenon – and like its namesake, can infect thousands!

Recently, the “pabebe” phenomenon has captured the nation’s zeitgeist, inspiring a lot of copycats as well as generating lots and lots of criticism. The netizens are divided about the pabebe – is it good or bad?

We will live that to the society to decide.

But first things first, what is pabebe?Pabebe 5

PabebeIt is a term created by social media users to define girls who adopt attitude that exaggerates what is believed to be cute actuation but is actually very irritating.

Here are some of the quintessential habits of a “pabebe” – the easier to identify them:

  1. That trademark “pabebe” voice. Inexplicably, the “pabebe” always speak using baby voice. And if such trait is adorable in actual babies, the same is definitely irritating when used by adults.Pabebe 3
  2. Over-sized glasses. They wear it. Even if they don’t need it.Pabebe 6
  3. “I don’t care” Attitude. Yes, they carry on their pabebe-ness, pardon the term, without a care if they are offending the sensibilities of others. Prime example is that infamous video where two girls aired out their opinions regarding the negative comments that they have been garnering – “…kung gusto nyo, gumawa din kayo ng video…”Pabebe 4
  4. Mirror selfies. This is an irresistible urge for a true-blue “pabebe”. When they see a mirror, they do that trademark selfie… “pabebe” wave mandatory.

If all four are present, confirmed! You are interacting with a “pabebe”!


(written by Cleeve Carpio, edited by Jay Paul Carlos, additional research by Lovely Ann Cruz)