Teachers win P94,000 jackpot prize in “Sana All” round of NET25 Happy Time’s “Bawal Peyk News”


(Eagle News) — A group of public school teachers got the P94,000 jackpot prize in the “Sana All” jackpot round of the “Bawal Peyk News” game segment NET25 noontime show “Happy Time” on Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021.

Four teachers of New Era Elementary School in Quezon City joined the “Bawal Peyk News” segment of “Happy Time” hosted by Anjo Yllana, Janno Gibbs and Kitkat.   The teachers were also asked about the challenges of handling online classes, and how this had affected them and their students, at the start of the show.

In “Bawal Peyk News,” contestants have to guess the so-called “headlines” of the day being passed to them while wearing headsets. The contestants have to pass the headline, repeatedly pronouncing the one-word headliners without the other contestant hearing them because of the headsets.  They then have to guess the word just by visually observing how this was pronounced by the contestant that “passed the news” to them.  They will earn “stop the clock” chances every time they guessed the word correctly.  The “stop the class” tokens will be used for the “Sana All” jackpot round where they will be quizzed on various topics — from general knowledge, politics, current events, showbiz, history, among others.  They have two minutes to answer five questions. To get the jackpot prize, they have to answer all questions correctly within the specified time period.  If they don’t get the jackpot prize, each question answered correctly will earn them P1,000.  The jackpot prize money is increased for the next day, every time the group of contestants fail to answer all questions correctly in the “Sana All” round.

The P94,000 jackpot prize was the highest so far won by a group of contestants in the NET25 show “Happy Time.”   The teachers Febe Mollena, Athia Libadisos, Ricky Lim and Anabelle Tuazon will each get P23,500.

Watch the Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021 episode below.

(Eagle News Service)