Storms in Queensland after record-breaking heatwaves

Courtesy Google maps
Courtesy Google maps


By Rheamae David and Emmi B. Capili-Tarroja
EBC Australia Bureau

QUEENSLAND, Australia (Eagle News) – Following the record-breaking heatwaves across Australia, Queensland experienced storms around the south-east regions of the state early this week

The first signs of the storm were seen on Monday afternoon when the rain started to set in following the drop in temperatures to 14 degrees Celsius.

Queensland had past experiences of storms, tornadoes and floods, thus urging the state to prepare for the storm.

The storm brought strong wind gusts and heavy rain and individuals quickly took to social media posting videos and photos.

As stated by Weatherzone, 170,000 lightning strikes have been recorded during the storm. As a result, several homes were damaged in the north-west areas of Brisbane due to trees and branches snapping onto the roofs resident’s home.

Some individuals recount getting caught in the middle of the storm their way home by car, these individuals were said to have felt the strength of the damaging winds and feared their vehicles would topple over.

The storm has impacted the residents as various roads such as the Cunningham Highway were closed due fallen powerlines.

Residents were in distress as more than 20,400 homes have lost electricity during the storm.

However, as of February 14, more than 580 homes still have no connection to electricity despite temperature returning to 25 degrees.

The State Emergency Services (SES) responded to 45 calls regarding roof damages and fallen debris.

Other individuals and communities were also affected by the changing weather conditions such as the farmers who need to maintain their crops.

It is expected that after the storm passes, there will be a huge clean up of debris left by the storm.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), there are flood warnings for Georgina River and Eyre Creek.