INFOGRAPHIC: Why You Should Start Saving in Your 20’s

Start Saving In Your 20’s

By: Natalie Kate Ann Juntado

People in their 20’s often fail to understand what is financial planning. Some think that financial planning is costly and unnecessary.  This is the age when some young people thirst to prove themselves by having a nice and impressive career.  Others are simply in that extravagant mode when money is wasted on things not considered important in their actual daily lives.  Still, some just don’t know how to handle their money so when they reach their mid-life age (30’s-40’s), they wish they can go back to the past to change their life’s course.

It is important thing to note that saving money for the future is a good thing.  Everyone must save money while they are still young and have their own income. There are a lot of tools available online to keep track of your expenses and be able to manage your money in the right way. Always think of your future.  Learn how to save and earn money not just for yourself but also for your future family. Aside from that, you need to set aside money for emergency purposes. Each one of us, while we are still in our 20’s must develop two kinds of goals; long and short-term goals.

Check out this infographic to help you understand why you should start saving in your 20’s

infographic1 (1)


Hope this helps you to start saving for your future.