Rescuers search for survivors in Idlib after deadly air strikes – amateur videos

IDLIB, Syria (Reuters) — A man and a child were pulled from under the rubble in Idlib on Sunday (October 8) following an air strike said to be carried out by the Syrian regime targeting the city of Maarat al Numan, amateur videos posted online purported to show.

The Syrian Civil Defence, better known as the White Helmets rescue workers, said on its Twitter account that jets it believed to be from the Syrian military had struck a marketplace in Maarat al Numan in Idlib on Sunday, killing at least six.

SMART news agency said eight people were killed in the attack, which caused caused great damage to the nearby commercial buildings.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitor, said at least 11 people – including two children and two women – were killed in the air strike, adding that the death toll was expected to rise following a great number of injuries.

Idlib and neighbouring parts of northwest Syria are now home to more than 2 million people, many of them refugees from other formerly rebel-held regions that fell to pro-government forces.