Prices of vegetables spike in the aftermath of successive strong typhoons


(Eagle News) — Prices of vegetables spiked in the recent days because in the aftermath of successive strong typhoons that ravaged the country, damaging vast areas of agricultural land.

Some prices even almost doubled including vegetables coming from Baguio and the Mountain Province, and other vegetables used in local dishes and sources in Luzon that had been badly hit by Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses.

The effect can be seen in local markets.  A visit in the Commonwealth Market in Quezon City showed how vegetable prices skyrocketed as can be seen in this video report from NET25’s “Mata ng Agila” by Wej Cudiamat of Eagle News Service.

Prices of meat products however remained stable, including chicken, pork and beef.

The Department of Agriculture has imposed a price freeze in prices of basic agricultural products mostly for meat and fish after the declaration of the state of calamity for the whole island of Luzon which has been battered by recent typhoons.

(Eagle News Service)