President Duterte’s approval, trust ratings both rise to 91 percent in September: Pulse Asia

(Eagle News)– President Rodrigo Duterte’s approval and trust ratings both rose to 91 percent in September, a Pulse Asia survey said.

With his approval and trust ratings rising, the President was the only one of the government’s high-ranking officials to score a line of 9, based on the Pulse Asia survey conducted from Sept. 14 to 20.

Relevant events prior to the survey include Ricardo Morales’ resignation as PhilHealth chief, the allegations by Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon that there were anomalies in the procurement of COVID-19 test kits, the complaints against the “white sand” project in Manila Bay, and the President’s rejection of the Department of Transportation’s reduction of the physical distancing rule, among others.

According to the survey, only five percent were undecided about the President, while five disapproved.

Six percent were undecided and three had small or no trust at all.

Senate President Tito Sotto followed President Duterte in the survey, with an approval and trust rating of 84 and 79 percent, respectively, and then by Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano with 70 percent and 67 percent, respectively.

Vice President Leni Robredo was in fourth place, with 57 -percent and 50-percent approval and trust ratings, respectively, followed by Chief Justice Diosdado Peralta with 44 percent and 39 percent, respectively.

According to Pulse Asia, President Duterte, Sotto, and Cayetano enjoyed majorit approval ratings across geographic areas and socioeconomic classes.

Robredo, for her part, had a majority approval rating in almost all areas and all socioeconomic classes except for Manila.

“In the case of Supreme Court Chief Justice Peralta, he posts majority approval figures in Metro Manila (55%), Mindanao (52%), and Class E (61%) while he registers practically or exactly the same approval and indecision levels in the rest of Luzon (37% versus 33%), the Visayas (43% versus 43%), Class ABC (44% versus 40%), and Class D (41% versus 38%),” Pulse Asia said.

Congress, SC

The performance ratings of the Congress and the Supreme Court were nearly constant during the period December 2019 to September 2020 both at the national level and across geographic areas and socio-economic groupings, with both posting majority approval ratings in September 2020,  Pulse Asia said.

The Senate had an approval rating of 71 percent, the House 65 percent, and the SC 61 percent.

The survey was conducted using face-to-face surveys of 1,200 adults 18 years old and above.

It had a +/- 2.8% error margin at the 95% confidence level.