President Duterte sees no need to name celebrities with drug links; they’re civilians not running for public office, he says

President Rodrigo Duterte delivers his speech during the 25th National Federation of the Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines (NFMCP) Annual National Convention at the Iloilo Convention Center located within the Iloilo Business Park in Mandurriao, Iloilo City on April 6, 2019. (Photo grabbed from RTVM video/Courtesy Malacanang)


(Eagle News) – President Rodrigo Duterte said he is not in favor of releasing the names of those in the entertainment industry who are involved in drugs, as they are civilians, unlike public and government officials, including those running for public office, whose names should be known by the public.

During his speech on Saturday night, April 6, 2019 at the Iloilo Convention Center, President Duterte asked why he should release the names of the actors and actresses who are said to be involved in drugs.

He said he would “not unnecessarily put to shame” civilians who are not running for public office

But he said that the government investigators would just file the illegal drugs cases against these stars in court if the evidence warrants it.

Itong mga artista, gusto nilang ilabas ko. Alam ninyo, what would be the purpose? Hindi naman sila people seeking public office. So definitely no need to,” Duterte said during the 25th National Federation of the Motorcycle Clubs of the Philippines Annual National Convention.

-Cases to be filed if evidence is sufficient-

“I-file na lang namin, if yung mga evidence na nai-gather is sufficient,” he said.

But I will not unnecessarily put to shame yung mga artista. Civilian yan e,” Duterte said.

He said the situation is different if the persons involved were public officials or candidates running for public office.

“Public office is a public trust kaya dapat talagang malaman ng tao,” the President said.

He said public officials and those running for public office

“Eh kayo, kasi you run the risk always, kasi you are aspiring for public office, and everybody should know whether you are a liability to the government or an asset,” the President said.

During the occasion, Duterte also campaigned for his senatorial candidates, while slamming the candidates from the Liberal Party who are more known as the “Otso Diretso” candidates.

-War on drugs to continue until Duterte term ends-

He said that he would spend the remaining three years of his term to run after those who are running the illegal drug trade. He said he would not stop his war against drugs which he said had victimized many people, including the youth of the land.

“Ako may 3 years pa ako… uubusin ko sila,” he said.

Duterte had earlier released the names of those running for public office who are into the illegal drug trade. The names he had mentioned before which were included in the so-called narco-list.

The 46 names he had mentioned had also been slapped with administrative cases by the Department of Interior and Local Government.

The DILG filed cases of grave misconduct, conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service, conduct unbecoming of a public officer, and gross neglect of duty, against the 46 public officials, before President Duterte released their names in public.

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) in March said that 31 celebrities were in their list of people involved in illegal drugs.