Pres. Duterte studying recommendation to impose price freeze on pork, chicken, says Sen. Go



(Eagle News) — President Rodrigo Duterte is now mulling the issuance of a price freeze for pork and chicken because of the unexplained rise in the prices of these meat products, according to Senator Christopher “Bong” Go.

The senator who is the President’s former aide said that he had already relayed to President Duterte the public’s complaints about the high prices of pork and chicken, and even of fish and vegetables.

Go said that the President is just balancing what would be the effect of a price freeze on the economy, as well as to the consumers.  He said that the executive order on this might be issued this week.

He  said the President is also ordering the investigation on rising meat prices, and is asking the Department of Agriculture to probe if unscrupulous traders have had a hand in this.

-Warning to traders-

“Not only an executive order but to warn traders po na nanamantala sa panahong ito dahil di ito panahon na mag-take advantage kayo sa mga kapatid nating Pilipino na naghihirap na nga, pagsasamantalahan nyo pa (Not only an executive order but to warn traders who are taking advantage at this time when most of the Filipinos are already experiencing difficulties),” Go said explaining what Malacanang is planning to do in the coming days.

Aside from a price freeze, he said that Agriculture Secretary William Dar is also recommending that Congress pass a joint resolution that would increase the minimum access volume for the importation of pork and chicken meat due to limited supplies.

Go said that as of now, the minimum access volume for these products is limited to 54,000 metric tons.

On Monday, the Senate committee on agriculture set hearings to probe rising pork prices.

Pork prices have reached P380 for kasim pigue, while liempo is priced at P400 a kilo in Commonwealth market in Quezon City.

(Meanne Corvera, Eagle News Service)