Pres. Duterte says next PHL president should also be “forceful” in stopping corruption in gov’t

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte delivers his speech during the inauguration of the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 Project at the Del Monte Toll Plaza in Quezon City on January 14, 2021. SIMEON CELI/ PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO

(Eagle News) — President Rodrigo Duterte said he wants the next president of the country to be as firm as he is in stopping corruption in government.

Duterte said this during Thursday’s (Jan. 14) inauguration of the Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 project which he said would hopefully ease the “horrendous traffic congestion” in the Philippine capital.

The 75-year old Philippine leader said that he wanted to leave a legacy of infrastructure projects that would benefit Filipinos, and also a legacy for trying to stop corruption in government.

Duterte whose term ends in June 2022 said that the next leader of the country should also be “forceful and resolute” in stopping corruption in government.

“So I hope that the next president would be as forceful and resolute na to confront this almost evil practice of people going around the country, naghahanap ng mga bidding, tapos paghati-hatian lang nila. Kaya ang mga proyekto natin, ang pera ng Pilipino, hindi sapat doon sa budgeted sa isang eskwelahan… Because of corruption. Iyan talaga ang totoo,” he said.

-Duterte thanks SC for addressing issue of delays due to TROs-

He also thanked the Supreme Court for heeding his request to address the issues of judges delaying important government projects through the issuance of temporary restraining orders (TRO).

He said that he had wanted this addressed and solved before his term ends.

Duterte noted that many infrastracture projects essential to the country’s development are hampered by right-of-way issues, and corruption.

“I’d like to maybe really thank the Supreme Court kasi when I issued the warning against the judges to stop issuing TROs because they are delaying — a party to delay sa mga ano — sabi ko, ‘You issue TROs as if it were, you know, mabili mo diyan tingi na sa sigarilyo’,” he saidon Thursday, Jan. 14, 2021.

‘Sabi ko, ‘Stop it’ unless there is really a compelling reason or a graft and corruption involved, stop it. Do not delay. Do not hinder the progress of this country because… Ah maswerte kayo paalis na ako. Makatikim talaga kayo sa akin,”  he noted.

President Duterte said that the next President might be plagued by the problem of corrupt judges issuing TROs on government projects. He advises the next leader to control this and to be aware that there would be people who would try to delay government infrastructure projects that he had already put in place.

“When I leave the office, medyo kailangan lang i-control ng susunod sa akin. It’s not easy to go after them. Hindi ho basta-basta. Magtatakbo ‘yan ng Supreme Court, mag-TRO,” he said.

Duterte said he would not let this happen in the remainder of his term.

“Sabi ko if you want a clean government, judges, if you are with us, do not, unless it is a compelling reason that if buhay mo ang nakataya, huwag mo kasi mag-aaway tayo. It’s either I will not allow you to stop it. Mapapahiya ka, bubulyawan pa kita in public.

“Iyan ang warning ko sa inyo. Be careful. Talagang mumurahin ko kayo in public. So be, be, be very careful. Huwag ngayon sa panahon ko, not during my time. Somebody else’s time, okay,” he said.

-Gov’t people should make sacrifices-

Duterte said that corruption should stop and people in government should make sacrifices for the Filipino people.

Kung marunong ‘yung isang taong magsakripisyo sa inyo, pasensiya kayo. Do not do it. I am asking it in behalf of the Filipino people, hindi para sa akin. Eh matanda na ako. In three to five years, wala na ako sa mundong ito,” he said.

President Duterte observed that corruption in the Philippines is a sickness that pervades almost everybody.

“And a sad commentary is that lahat sa Pilipinas bumibigay. Lahat, without exception,” he said.

Duterte also stressed that he would not even think of extending his term, and he is advising his daughter to not to even think about running for President as he does not want her to suffer and experience the hardships that he had gone through as the country’s leader.

“And my daughter inuudyok naman nila, sabi ko, ‘My daughter is not running.’ I have told Inday not to run kasi naaawa ako sa dadaanan niya na dinaanan ko,” he said.


(Eagle News Service)