Pres. Duterte hopes “new set of leaders” to succeed him will continue his reforms, programs

Talks for the first time about his retirement, makes no mention of daughter Davao City Mayor Sara

President Rodrigo Duterte speaking during his Oct. 4, 2021 “Talk to the People” (Screenshot of PCOO video/RTVM)


(Eagle News) – President Rodrigo Duterte said that he is hoping that the “new set of leaders” who would succeed his administration would continue his reforms and projects.

During his “Talk to the People” on Monday, Oct. 4, Duterte talked for the first time about his decision to retire from politics next year.
“Last Saturday, respecting the will of the people who after all placed me in the presidency several years ago, I announced my retirement from politics after my term as President,” he said.

The 76-year old Philippine president — who surveys showed remained popular at positive 62 percent on his final year – said he decided not to file his candidacy anymore for the vice-presidency “after giving serious thought on the sentiment of the Filipino people expressed by different surveys, forums, caucuses, and meetings.”

“It is my hope that the new set of leaders who will pursue a platform of government that will build on our gains in the areas of fighting illegal drugs, criminality, corruption, terrorism, and insurgency,” Duterte said.

“I likewise hope that they will continue what we have begun in the terms of infrastructure development and the many other initiatives we have undertaken during my term,” he said.

During his public address, he did not mention his daughter, Davao City mayor Sara Duterte, who had already filed her certificate of candidacy seeking reelection in the southern city.

Mayor Sara filed her CoC on Saturday, Oct. 2, after her father accompanied his former long-time aide, Senator Christopher “Bong” Go who filed his candidacy to be the ruling PDP-Laban’s vice-presidential candidate for the 2022 polls.

President Duterte also hinted at a possible Sara Duterte-Bong Go tandem in an interview afterwards. But he admitted he had not been able to talk to his daughter, Inday Sara for some time, and he did not her plans.

-Duterte endorses, vouches for Go-

On Monday night, Duterte endorsed Go as vice-president.

He said Go was “the best person to help the next president continue my legacy and build on the gains that we have achieved.”

“With my withdrawal of my nomination, Senator Bong Go has now taken the challenge to become the vice presidential candidate of the PDP-Laban,” the President said.

“I strongly and fully believe that Senator Bong Go is the best person to help the next president continue my legacy and build on the gains that we have achieved, especially in terms of providing basic services to healthcare, education, and other social services for the people.”

He cited the various Malasakit Centers which Go had “spearheaded and established when he was still a special assistant to the president, and helped enact into law as a senator.”

He said Go had already fulfilled his duties as a legislator by passing several important laws while continue providing assistance to the poor.

“With his track record of service and strong work ethic rooted in compassion towards the poor and the neglected, I strongly believe that he will be the best vice president of the country. With this, I encourage our kababayans to look at his deeds and achievements as you consider your list of candidates for the next president — vice president rather,” he added.

Go was initially nominated and endorsed to be PDP-Laban’s standard bearer, while Duterte was to run as vice-president. However, Go declined this nomination.

After that, Mayor Sara issued a statement that she would not run for a national post as only one Duterte will run for a national position next year.

(Eagle News Service)