Premier of Alberta, Canada congratulates INC on its 104th anniversary

Message of the Premier of Alberta, Canada for the Iglesia NI Cristo’s 104th anniversary and 50th year in the West. (Photo courtesy INC News and Updates)


(Eagle News) — The Premier of Alberta, Canada sent her greetings to the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) on the occasion of its 104th anniversary and 50 years of foreign mission.

Premier Rachel Notley congratulated the INC on “reaching this significant milestone” and wished the Church “many more years of growth and service.”

“This church reflects the grace, humility, and strength of our province’s diverse communities and your contributions make Alberta one of the best places to call home.  For four decades in Calgary, you have strengthened your community and brought many Albertans together to grow in faith,” the Premier said in her letter to the INC.

“On behalf of the government of Alberta, I wish you congratulations as the IGLESIA NI CRISTO (Church Of Christ) celebrates its anniversary on July 27, 2018,” Premier Notley wrote.