PHL starts COVID jabs for 12-17 year olds; test run in 8 NCR hospitals for kids with comorbidities

Parents urged to register children eligible for vaccination

Courtesy DOH

(Eagle News) – Starting today, Oct 15, children aged 12 to 17 years who have comorbidities would get be vaccinated against COVID-19 in eight hospital sites in Metro Manila, the Department of Health said.

The DOH said that that adolescents with comorbidities “are now part of the A3 priority group and will be called ‘Pediatric A3.’” These comorbities could range from cancer, HIV, tuberculosis and other ailments.

Moderna and Pfizer vaccines would be used in the inoculation of the Pediatric A3, and the DOH would be closely monitoring adverse reactions, if any, to those vaccinated.

The eights hospitals participating in the vaccination for the 12 to 17 years age group are Philippine Children’s Medical Center, National Children’s Hospital, Philippine Heart Center, Pasig City Children’s Hospital, Fe Del Mundo Medical Center, Philippine General Hospital, St. Luke’s Hospital Taguig, and Makati Medical Center.

The first phase will be the vaccination of the 15 to 17-year-olds, followed by the vaccination of the 12 to 14 age group in these hospitals which is the second phase.

This test run in the Metro Manila would run for two weeks.

After this, is the third phase involving the vaccination of minors in areas where at least half of the elderly population or the A2 group have been already vaccinated against COVID-19.

The DOH advises parents of children with comorbidities to register their kids for vaccination by contacting their pediatricians so they could be given the necessary medical certificates.

Earlier, vaccine czar Secretary Carlito Galvez Jr., said that the government has allocated enough vaccines for the inoculation of children aged 12 to 17 in the country.

(Eagle News Service)