PHL posts 24,938 new Covid cases, third straight day of decreasing new cases

Courtesy DOH


(Eagle News) – The Department of Health (DOH) reported 24,938 new Covid-19 cases on Monday, January 24, the third straight day that the country posted decreasing new virus cases.

On Sunday, January 23, new virus cases hit 29,828. On Saturday, January 22, new cases were 30,552, which were less than Friday’s (January 21) 32,744 new cases.

There were also more Covid-19 new recoveries than new cases on Monday. New recoveries hit 35,461; this is 10,523 cases higher than new cases.

Because of this, total active cases went further down to 262,997. This represented 7.6 percent of total COVID-19 cases, including recoveries, since the pandemic began in March 2020.

Total recoveries reached 3,125,540 or 90.8 of total confirmed Covid-19 cases (3,442,056)

Monday’s number of new virus cases at 24,938 is also the second straight day that new cases were below 30,000. It is also the third straight day that new recoveries exceeded new Covid-19 cases.

Covid ICU bed utilization rate, as well as ward bed utilization rate in Metro Manila continued to drop.

New Covid deaths were also lower at 47 cases on Monday, January 24, the third straight day of decreasing virus fatalities. Total Covid-19 deaths have reached 53,519 or 1.55 percent of total confirmed Covid cases.

The Covid-19 positivity rate is at 40.6 percent on Monday, which is lower than the 41.8 percent on Sunday, January 23, and the 45.1 percent posted on Saturday, January 22.

Most of the active cases are still either mild or asymptomatic.

(Eagle News Service)