PHL new COVID-19 recoveries of over 36k exceed new cases for 2nd straight day

New COVID-19 cases reach 22,958, much lower than previous day’s 28,471

Courtesy DOH


(Eagle News) — For the second straight day, new COVID-19 recoveries exceeded the number of new virus cases on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.  New recoveries reached 36,611 while new cases were only 22,958.

The new recoveries on Wednesday, January 19, were even higher compared to Tuesday’s (Jan. 18) number of 34,892. The new cases today were also lower than the previous day’s record of 28,471.

The latest data confirms the Department of Health’s earlier observation of the slowing growth of new COVID-19 cases.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque had told President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday night that there is a noted decrease in the percentage of the rise in COVID-19 cases the past week.  Most of the active cases are also mild, which is characteristic of the COVID-19 variant.

-Total active cases declining-

The total active cases on Wednesday, January 19, of 270,728 were also lower than the record on Tuesday, January 18, of 284,458 total active cases.  This is in turn also lower than Monday’s total of 290,938.

Because of this, the percentage of total active cases (compared to total confirmed cases) decreased to 8.2 percent on Wedneday, from the 8.7 percent record on Tuesday.

This is the third straight day that there has been a decline in total active cases.

The new COVID deaths were however higher at 82, compared to Tuesday’s (Jan. 18) report of only 34.

Most of the active cases, are still either mild or asymptomatic at 98.2 percent. Total mild cases reached 257,632, while asymptomatic cases were 8,335.

The percentage of occupied COVID ward beds in Metro Manila also decreased to 60 percent, from 63 percent the previous day.

(Eagle News Service)