PHL logs almost 3,500 new COVID cases marking 2nd straight day of over 3k add’l cases

Courtesy DOH


(Eagle News) – The number of COVID-19 cases added today Saturday, March 6, reached 3,439, the highest number of daily cases so far this year.

This is also the second consecutive day that the Philippines logged more than 3,000 daily cases. On Friday, March 5, the Department of Health noted 3,045 new cases.

As of Saturday, March 6, total active cases in the country so far reached 43,323 as more highly infectious new variants of COVID-19 cases were detected in the country. Total cases, including those which recovered, reached 591,138.

The DOH said that the active COVID-19 cases comprised 7.3 percent of total COVID-19 cases. Total recoveries reached 535,350 which comprised 90.6 percent of total COVID-19 cases.

The additional recoveries recorded on Saturday were 160, while the new reported deaths were 42.

-Rising percentage of active cases-

Based on the DOH data, the percentage of active COVID-19 cases has been increasing the past few days. On Friday, the percentage of active cases was 6.8 percent. On Thursday, March 4, the percentage of active cases was 6.4 percent with 2,452 new cases.

The DOH, however, said that most (95.7 percent) of the active cases are still mild and asymptomatic. More specifically, 90 percent of the active cases are mild, while 5.6 percent are asymptomatic. About 1.8 percent of active cases are critical, while another 1.8 percent are severe; 0.75 percent are moderate.

As of Saturday, March 6, total deaths due to COVID-19 have reached 12,465, which is 2.11 percent of total COVID-19 cases in the country.

(Eagle News Service)