PHL detects 55 more Delta cases bringing total to 119; new Alpha, Beta infections also rise

Total Beta variant cases at 2,019, while total Alpha cases reach 1,773

Courtesy DOH


(Eagle News) – The Philippines detected 55 more Delta variant cases in the country, bringing the total Delta variant infections to 119.

This was announced by the Department of Health today, Sunday, July 25, after the Philippine Genome Center (PGC) of the University of the Philippines, as well as the UP National Institute of Health (UP-NIH) detected more variant cases.

In fact, they detected 179 more Beta variant cases, and 99 more Alpha variant cases, aside from the 55 new Delta cases.

But there is a possibility that there are more variant cases in the country as this latest findings were only based on the sequencing of a total of 9,351 samples submitted to the UP-PGC.

So far, the most numerous are the Beta variant cases at 2,019 cases, followed by the Alpha variant cases at 1,773.

The DOH said that there are still 12 active Delta variant cases, while 103 have already recovered. Four persons infected with the Delta variant have died.

-Alpha case fatalities at 116, followed by Beta variant at 72 deaths-

However, the most fatalities came from the Alpha variant cases at 116, followed by the Beta variant fatalities at 72.

Meanwhile, among the 244 Theta or P3 variant cases, three have died. The P3 variant was first detected in the Philippines.

The DOH said in its advisory that granular lockdowns are recommended in areas with high variant cases. The strategy of Prevent-Detect-Isolate-Treat-Reintegrate (PDITR) should be further strengthened.

“The purpose of whole genomic sequencing is to guide the COVID-19 response of the national and local governments,” it said.

“Areas detected with variants should strengthen the implementation of the PDITR strategies and impose granular lockdowns as needed to contain case spikes,” the DOH said.

(Eagle News Service)