PHL COVID-19 cases reach 498,691

(Eagle News)–COVID-19 cases in the country reached 498,691 on Saturday, January 16, after the Department of Health reported 2058 additional cases.

Of the total cases, the DOH said 28674 were active.

Of these, 84.7 percent were mild, 7.7 percent asymptomatic, 4.6 percent critical, 2.6 percent severe, and 0.41 percent moderate.

The areas with the most COVID-19 cases reported today were Cavite and Rizal with 96 each, Leyte with 92, Quezon City with 85 and Mt. Province with 84.

Recoveries reached 460133 including the 406 additional ones.

The death toll is now at 9884 with the additional eight.

The government put in place travel restrictions on over 30 countries following reports of the UK and South African COVID-19 strains there.

Some of the restrictions were supposed to end on Jan. 15 but their effectivity was extended to Jan. 31 after the government reported the UK strain was now in the country.