PHL COVID-19 cases near 337k as country retains 19th spot among top nations with virus cases

Courtesy DOH


(Eagle News) – The country’s COVID-19 cases reached 336,926 on Saturday, Oct. 10, as virus-related fatalities hit 6,238 as the Philippines maintained its 19th place among countries with high coronavirus cases.

The Department of Health reported 2,249 new cases on Saturday, which was lower than Friday’s 2,996 new cases.

The good news too is that Metro Manila only had 651 new cases, which was much less than Friday’s 1,094 new cases for the Philippine capital.

Total active cases in the country were 54,594 as DOH reported total recoveries of 276,094.

Reported recoveries for Saturday were 842, while repprted deaths were 87.

Of the 54,594 active cases, 85.8 percent were mild cases, while asymptomatics accounted for 10 percent. Critical cases were 2.9 percent of active cases, while severe cases were 1.3 percent.

-NCR records 2nd lowest virus case for Oct-

Of the 2,249 new cases on Saturday, Batangas had 139, Iloilo had 136, Laguna had 128, while Quezon had 107, in addition to Metro Manila’s 651 cases.

This is the second lowest number of cases for Metro Manila this October. The lowest so far was in Oct. 6 when the Philippine capital recorded 557 new cases.

Based on the Johns Hopkins University (JHU) virus dashboard, the Philippines is the 19th country with the most COVID cases, after Saudi Arabia which has 338,539 cases.

Saudi Arabia, however, has less COVID-19 deaths, at 4,996.  The Philippines has 6,238 COVID-19 deaths as of Saturday. Oct. 10.

Still, Turkey, which is at 20th place with 332,382 COVID-19 cases, has more COVID-19 deaths than the Philippines.  Turkey has a total of 8,722 COVID-19 deaths, according to the tally of the Johns Hopkins University virus dashboard.


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