PHIVOLCS “closely monitoring” Mt. Pinatubo following 6.1-magnitude quake in Luzon

(Eagle News)–The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology is “closely monitoring” Mt. Pinatubo, following the 6.1-magnitude earthquake that struck Luzon on Monday, April 22.

PHIVOLCS made the announcement in a Facebook post on Thursday, April 25.

So far, PHIVOLCS said the Pinatubo Volcano Seismic Monitoring network has not detected any changes in the condition of the volcano after the quake that “may  indicate any sign of volcanic unrest.”

According to the agency, the “ash” and “smoke” reported by residents after the earthquake that killed at least 16 people were “dust clouds caused by rockslides based on field observations..”

“Any development from our 24-hour monitoring of Pinatubo volcano will be relayed to all concerned and posted in our website and official Facebook page,” PHIVOLCS said.