Persons under investigation for nCoV in PHL climb to 382, with 68 new PUIs; but confirmed cases still at 3

Screenshot of the Department of Health’s interactive nCoV tracker showing the nCoV patients under investigation spread in various regions in the country as of Feb. 11, 2020. (Courtesy DOH)


(Eagle News) – The total number of persons under investigation (PUIs) for the novel coronavirus-2019 has jumped to 382 in the Philippines, with the number of confirmed cases still at three, according to the Department of Health’s latest data.

As of its latest update on Tuesday, Feb. 11, there were 68 new cases added to the previous day’s accumulative total of 314.  (

There are also 266 admitted PUIs, with five added from Monday’s total admitted PUIs of 261.

So far, not one of the PUIs admitted in various hospitals all over the country had tested positive.

The DOH update on its website also showed that there were also 196 PUIs who had already tested negative for the virus, while there are 183 PUIs whose test results are still pending.

Courtesy DOH
Feb. 11, 2020 update on the persons under investigation for the novel coronavirus-2019 posted by the Department of Health. (Courtesy DOH)


There were six additional patients admitted in Cagayan on Tuesday, bringing its total PUIs to 18.

In the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR), there were nine PUIs admitted in hospitals, while four had been discharged bringing the total PUIs there at 14, up from the previous day’s total of just seven.

In Central Luzon, four more PUIs were admitted in hospitals, bringing to 31 the admitted patients under investigation for the nCoV-2019 on Tuesday.  Another 14 had been discharged.

In Metro Manila, more PUIs had been discharged. From Monday’s data of just six discharged, Tuesday’s data showed that it had gone up to 33, or a total of 27 additional discharged patients. The PUIs admitted in hospitals in the Philippine capital had also gone down to 86, from the previous day’s 105.

Total PUIs in Metro Manila had also gone up to 123, from the previous day’s total of 105.

-Rise in PUI admissions in C. Visayas-

The biggest jump in the increase of PUI admissions in hospitals was in Central Visayas. On Feb. 10, the PUIs admitted in hospitals in the region reached 18 and one discharged PUI, and one confirmed case, making a total of 20 PUIs in the region.

The next day, Feb. 11, the numbers jumped to 51 PUIs, with 49 admitted PUIs listed on Tuesday, compared to Monday’s list of only 18 admitted PUIs. The increase in admitted PUIs in Central Visayas alone was 31.

So far, the only three confirmed cases are Chinese nationals who came to the country from Wuhan City via Hong Kong.  Two have already been discharged after testing negative for the virus, while one had died due to severe pneumonia.

One of the three confirmed nCoV patients who had already been released — the 60-year old Chinese woman who had already tested negative of the virus — had gone to Bohol where she had initially sought medical treatment for flu symptoms. Bohol is in the Central Visayas region which had experienced the highest jump in the number of PUIs admitted in hospitals.