Part of Skyway gives in as huge blaze engulfs San Miguel warehouse in Pandacan, Manila


(Eagle News) — A portion of the Skyway in Pandacan, Manila which is still under construction collapsed because of the huge blaze that engulfed a plastic factory warehouse of San Miguel Corporation on Saturday, Feb. 1.

The fire started at past 10 a.m. and was placed under Task Force Bravo at 11:05 a.m.

The warehouse security personnel assured that the workers inside the factory were able to go out of the premises as soon as they heard an explosion and saw the fire.

Because the fire continued to spread fast, it reached even Zamora Bridge and the nearby train railway.  Even some of the vehicles and houses nearby were affected by the fire.

Firemen were able to put out the fire at 2:52 p.m.

The Department of Public Works and Highway (DPWH) said that it would give updates as to the extent of damage due to the fire.

“We will provide updates as soon as information from the assessment, investigation is available,” DPWH Secretary Mark Villar said in a Facebook post.

A photo posted by Public Works and Highways Secretary Mark Villar showing a part of the Skyway-stage 3 that collapsed due to the huge blaze that engulfed a nearby warehouse of San Miguel Corporation’s factory that produces plastic containers in Pandacan, Manila. (Photo courtesy DPWH Secretary Mark Villa Facebook page)


The Skyway Stage 3, which will connect the South Luzon and North Luzon expressways, was originally expected to be completed by March this year.