Panelo: Duterte’s high trust, approval ratings “another repudiation” of his critics, detractors

(Eagle News)—–The high trust and approval ratings of President Rodrigo Duterte based on a recent Pulse Asia survey is “another repudiation” of his critics and detractors “who don’t see or refuse to see the good in whatever the Chief Executive does and says,” Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo said.

According to Panelo, the survey was done  when Congress approved the third extension of martial law in Mindanao and the President approved  the government’s economic managers recommendation to implement the P2 hike in fuel excise tax starting this year.

He said the survey was also “taken at a time that the (Catholic) church, human rights groups, the opposition, the critics and the detractors were taking turns in lambasting the President’s hyperbolic style of delivering his narratives on certain issues and groups.”

“Their loud hysterical harping and assaulting the administration with their accusations and condemnation are in sharp contrast to the clamor of the Filipinos for genuine and transparent change,” Panelo said.

According to Panelo, the “excellent acceptance and performance rating shall not stop” Duterte from “excelling further to meet the expectations of the people he has sworn to serve and protect.”

“His heart and mind will be focused in performing his constitutional duties faithfully and courageously,” he said.

“The survey results underscore that our people fully believe in the methods undertaken by the President in running the bureaucracy and the country, including formulating judgments during particular situations and events where Filipino people’s lives and the country’s economy are at stake,” Panelo added.

In its December survey, Pulse Asia said Duterte’s approval rating was at 82 percent, and his trust rating at 75 percent.