Pacquiao gets ready for final fight

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, United States (Reuters) — Manny Pacquiao has helped make headlines for the sport of boxing over his long and illustrious career, a career that the eight-time world champion says will end after his upcoming fight with Tim Bradley.

“I’m not tired with boxing,” Pacquiao said, when asked why and if he was really calling it quits. “But I made the decision to retire after this fight and focus on serving the people. If win in the senate it will be a big, big responsibility and hard work.”

Politics aside – Pacquiao who is making a bid for a seat in the Philippines Senate in May – joined trainer Freddie Roach for a workout in front of the media on Wednesday (March 30) at the Wild Card Boxing Club in Los Angeles.

He’ll be facing five-time world champion Bradley in Las Vegas for the welterweight championship. This is the third fight between the two men, having split the previous two decisions.

“Im expecting a more aggressive Bradley because of his new trainer Teddy Atlas,” explained Pacquiao, on Bradley’s new style under Atlas, who formerly trained Mike Tyson. “We saw that in his last fight and I believe we can create more action in the ring compared to the last fight that we had.”

And while Pacquiao is years removed from his top form when he dismantled the likes of Ricky Hatton, Oscar De La Hoya and Miguel Cotto, Roach believes he has a lot more fights still left.

“He has gotten older a little bit,” said Roach. “He hasn’t slowed down too much though and I would be the first one to tell him if he did. His speed and his work ethic is still great.”

The fight between Pacquiao and Bradley will take place on April 09 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.