Over 1,000 cops still unvaccinated vs COVID-19: PNP

(Eagle News) — Over 1,000 police personnel remain unvaccinated for COVID-19, the Philippine National Police said.

According to the PNP, the 1,040  personnel who have no COVID-19 shots constitute 0.45 percent of the total 225,676 policemen.

The PNP said they remain unvaccinated for “no valid reason.”

The police organization said these unvaccinated policemen are required to present an RT-PCR result test that yields negative results to report to work, and shall submit this every two weeks.

Partially vaccinated employees, whose schedule for the second dose of their vaccine has already lapsed, are also required to undergo and submit a negative RT-PCR test result every two weeks until they are fully vaccinated, the PNP said.

If employees can’t submit a negative RT-PCR result, the PNP said they will be marked as absent.

The absence, it said, will automatically be charged to the remaining sick leave credits.

If sick leaves are no longer available, they may apply for the available vacation leaves.

The no-work, no-pay rule shall apply, the PNP said, if there are no longer sick nor vacation leaves.

“We have exerted all effort to convince our personnel to be vaccinated against COVID-19. We understand that this may be a matter of their personal choice but our priority is the general welfare at this time of pandemic,” PNP Chief General Dionardo Carlos explained.