‘One Good Thing A Day’ – Sending positivity through a chaotic world

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by Alexandra Megia
Eagle News

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (Eagle News) — Life seems to be at a stand still. Coronavirus is still running rampant with no discrimination. For our safety and the safety of others, people have been confined to their homes for months at a time. With good reason. The coronavirus is reported to have affected 17.2 million people and claimed 671,000 lives. 

Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter. All Lives matter. Does anything really matter at this point?

What does matter, is the amount of positivity that YOU put out there. 

Renzo Villalon, a project manager for startups for fiancial and financial literacy, since 2017, has been writing “One Good Thing A Day,” a series of personal short stories and memories.

“2017 was the beginning of the age of disinformation, and my mom had died from pancreatic cancer. So I decided to start writing. I was spiraling into this black pit of despair.”

Wanting to pull himself out of his grief and the constant negativity surrounding him, Renzo began writing one good thing a day. He challenged himself to write something daily, whether his day was good or just a happy moment in time, Renzo wrote. 

Trying to be his own positive force, he posted his writing on his personal Facebook page in hopes to inspire some type of positivity.

And what started out as a personal challenge for Renzo, people started to take notice of his writing. 

“A lot more people than I thought that would appreciate the writing, appreciated it. Even though I was talking about the stuff I was going through, it wasn’t about me. It was about everybody else who was reading it because we’re all going to go through the same thing in our lives.” 

Experiencing life’s moments. Our stories may be different, but we all experience the pain and joy that life continues to give us. The genuineness and grit of Renzo’s writing, pulls you into the moment of his feelings while reflecting on your own.

“Life is really, life is really made up of those moments” recounts Renzo. “You look up [from where you’re standing] and you’re like, Holy cow, look at where I am! This is awesome!”

And with the continued downward spiral of this pandemic, Renzo thought it would be a good time to send more positivity out there by publishing his writing via eBook.

But that’s not the only way Renzo is contributing to humanity. All proceeds of “One Good Thing A Day,” will go to relief efforts for two hospitals in Caraga, Davao—producing PPE’s for frontliners who have little to none in supply.

Doing what he can, with the means and resources within his reach. “If this is the way that this is the only way I can contribute [to humanity] I’m happy to do it,” says Renzo, sending out positivity, one day at a time. “Life hasn’t been easy. But being on this journey has made it easier.”

“One Good Thing a Day” is available now on Gumroad (PDF formats)! Amazon is on it’s way.

In 2017, the author…

Posted by Onegoodthingaday on Friday, July 31, 2020

If you are interested to purchase a copy of “One Good Thing A Day,” you can visit gumroad.com by clicking here. Or visit the Facebook page by clicking here, for more information about the author and excerpts from “One Good Thing A Day.”

CORRECTION: It was stated that Mr. Villalon is an employee of Fintech Philippines. The writer of the article had misheard Mr. Villalon’s place of employment and it has since been corrected.