NWRB tells public, “Conserve water, hope for heavy rains” as Angat dam continues dip below critical level

Courtesy PAGASA-DOST dam monitoring


(Eagle News) – The National Water Resources Board (NWRB) advised the public to conserve water and to “hope for heavy rains” as the water level in Angat Dam continued to dip below the critical level of 160 meters as it registered a level of only 159.09 meters, resulting in a further decrease in the water allocation for Metro Manila and surrounding areas.

“We again appeal to the public to conserve water and hope for heavy rains to come in the Angat watershed area,” the NWRB said.

In the last three days, the water level in Angat dam continued to go beyond its critical level.

It was on June 22, Saturday, that the water level in Angat dam went below its critical level of 160 meters, as it registered a low of 159.78 meters of Saturday, 6 a.m.

The next day, June 23, Sunday, the water level further decreased to 159.43 meters as of 6 a.m.

On Monday, June 24, the water level registered a further low level of 159.09 meters as of 6 a.m.

Starting Saturday, when the Angat water level started to go below its critical level, the NWRB said an auxiliary unit automatically shut down, as another adjustment was undertaken in the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System (MWSS) allocation.

With the below critical water level in Angat Dam, the NWRB had to further cut the water allocated to MWSS from 40 cubic meters per second to 36 cms.

“This will considerably impact the normal delivery of services of both Metro Manila concessionaires, Maynilad and Manila Water, and the Bulacan concessionaire,” the NWRB said