New car performs record-breaking loop the loop

(Reuters) — Jaguar’s new sports car entered the record books on Monday (September 14) when it took the title for performing the largest ever loop the loop in a car ever.

Guinness World Records said the Jaguar F-PACE driven by stunt driver Terry Grant successfully completed a 19.08 m tall, 360 degree circle.

Grant drove the car after two months of intense preparation, with the international pro driver having to ensure his body was ready to withstand G-Force more severe than that experienced by space shuttle pilots.

“The speed is critical. I need to make sure I hit the magic number to drive through the loop otherwise it’s not going to be possible. So I had to concentrate on that and just calm myself down. I was probably the most calmest I have been all day when I was in there and driving down and approaching the loop,” he said after performing the stunt at Frankfurt’s Niederrad Racecourse.