NEU-ASEAN Studies Center launched

QUEZON City, Philippines — The NEU-ASEAN Studies Center was launched yesterday, February 29 at the New Era University Professional Schools Building.

New Era University President, Dr. Nilo Rosas, said that by this launch, the students will be more aware of ASEAN Integration and its relations with other ASEAN member states and partners.

“We would like to be a part of ASEAN Integration, we would like to be recipient and at the same time donor of some things that are related to education, politics and technology, so this ASEAN Center will also serve as the venue of exchange ideas among professionals, researchers, coming from different ASEAN countries and also come up a policies study that will be very important to the unity, collaboration and partnership of different ASEAN countries,” Dr. Rosas said.

The New Era University is the first university in the whole country to launch its own ASEAN Studies Center.

Learning resource materials can be found there.

Video materials relating to education, politics, technology, economy and other ASEAN interests are also found here.

The president said, the ASEAN Studies Center of New Era University is open to all who are interested in ASEAN.